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Kenneth Cluck kc3 at colorado.usa.com
Sun Jun 28 11:46:21 CDT 2009

 haha is it realy that hot? I'm moving to San Antonio on the first from
Colorado Springs, CO and the 70 yo 80 degree weather here is KILLING me,
I can't imagine what it'll do to me being in 100+ degree weather lol

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  From: Geoff
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  Subject: Re: [SATLUG] List activity
  Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 10:24:02 -0500

  Samuel Leon wrote:
  > I was talking to my uncle's kids the other day. They live on the
  > river in Seguin. I told them that the next time they go swimming in
  > the river to give me a call and I will join them. They answered me
  > with "It is too hot to go swimming."

  It was sooooo hot.... (hehehe - you know what this will start, right?

  ... cows were giving powdered milk.

  ... I saw a tree chasing a dog.

  ... I saw a chicken lay a fried egg.

  ... I ... better stop there.

  -Geoff (Baja Springinging, TX)
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