[SATLUG] List activity

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Jun 28 12:00:08 CDT 2009

Kenneth Cluck wrote:
>  haha is it really that hot? I'm moving to San Antonio on the first from
> Colorado Springs, CO and the 70 yo 80 degree weather here is KILLING me,
> I can't imagine what it'll do to me being in 100+ degree weather lol
Well Ken, It really is that hot I don't live in SA, rather in an old 
river valley about 90m N of Houston and for the past 30days it has been 
over 100 reaching 109 one day for hour or so most days have hovered 
about 104 and it has been staying in the 80s at night so never really 
cools off. add to this not a drop of rain. All the hay fields are brown 
and locals call this the Bedias desert. I am praying along with most 
here for some rain since the trees are suffering bad.
But welcome anyway, this is a cool list, most of the time.

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