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On Sun, 28 Jun 2009 11:50:27 -0500, "Kenneth Cluck"
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> haha is it really that hot? I'm moving to San Antonio on the first from
>Colorado Springs, CO and the 70 yo 80 degree weather here is KILLING me,
>I can't imagine what it'll do to me being in 100+ degree weather lol

Well, here are a few data points to reinforce all those Texas license
plates you see in CO:
   * San Antonio has the first[1] fully-air-conditioned office building
in the world (Milam Building - try lunch in the cafe.) 
   * San Antonio had the first air-conditioned public bus (1946).
   * Our world's fair (Hemisfair 1968) was built with outdoor air
conditioning for people waiting in line, fed by the same chilled water
source as the drinking fountains.
   * Water has always been important here. Some folks are still using a
water system built in 1731. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espada_Acequia
has a good picture of part of the historic structure.

Now, in the old days you were more likely to get frostbite in the summer
as the A/C was set so low, but with demands for energy conservation this
is fairly rare. You'll survive.  --Don

[1] There's an argument with the T.W. Patterson building in Fresno CA,
which also claims the title.

We're headed for a Quantum Collapse!

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