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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jun 28 22:04:48 CDT 2009

on 6/28/09 11:50 AM, Kenneth Cluck said:

>  haha is it really that hot? I'm moving to San Antonio on the first from
> Colorado Springs, CO and the 70 yo 80 degree weather here is KILLING me,
> I can't imagine what it'll do to me being in 100+ degree weather lol

This past week, the temperature in Austin has been as high as 104-106, 
with a heat index in town of 114+.  And this is just June, not July, or 
August.  And San Antonio is further south.

My wife and I moved here from Brussels, Belgium, which has weather more 
like Seattle or Vancouver.  Talk about heat shock.  My mother-in-law 
told me (before we moved here), that Texas has four seasons -- Almost 
Summer, Summer, Holy $#!+ Is It Still Summer?!?, and Christmas.

So long as you stay 100% indoors for at least five, six, seven, or eight 
months out of the year and you've got really good dual air conditioners 
for your house that are in good shape and shouldn't give out, you'll 
probably be okay.

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