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Kenneth Cluck kc3 at colorado.usa.com
Mon Jun 29 14:12:50 CDT 2009

 Well, rolling vs fixed would really be a matter of preference in my
opinion. And as for speed, well the Ubuntu distros are kind of bloated,
good easy distros but even though faster than Windows relatively slow as
far as Linux distros go so that I would say was probably the reason for
the speed increase. I haven't used KDE 4 much but I'm really not a KDE
fan anyways, it's too Windowish to me. My favorites are WindowMaker, XFCE
and Gnome in that order.

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  Kenneth Cluck wrote:
  > So something that is actually on topic, I'll be coming to the next
  > meeting (hopefully unless something exceptionally crazy happens)
  but what
  > version of Linux do most of you use? Also what desktop environment
  do you
  > prefer? Personally I LOVE Slackware with Window Maker and have been
  > it for a little while now, it's very stable and pretty fast. I've
  used a
  > few different versions and I pretty much like all Linux distros but
  > far have found Slackware one of the best to really learn Linux and
  soon I
  > want to try Linux from Scratch.
  I have been using Kubuntu for the last three years simply 'cause it
  easy. I had been using the 8.04 LTS and figured I'd stay with that a
  while. I've never been the "gotta have the latest and greatest" kind
  person. About three weeks ago, I clicked on the wrong button and
  inadvertently "upgraded" to the nastiness that is called KDE 4.
  Currently, I am using PCLinuxOS which just came out a few weeks ago.
  still used KDE 3.5.10. I can't understand how it can be so much
  than Kubuntu 8.04 since they both use KDE 3.5.10.

  Until I tried PCLinuxOS, I had never heard of "rolling" versions of
  Linux before. After a google or two, I am just as confused. It seems
  to be an even split down the middle, one half claiming a fixed
  system is better, the other half claiming a rolling version is
  I'll post a separate message so this thread doesn't get hijacked.

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