[SATLUG] Via C7 Eden and booting from USB (Ubuntu, Debian... other?)

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Tue Jun 30 01:04:35 CDT 2009

Ah-ha!  I got it.  I had to enable "Use USB Legacy Keyboard" in the 
BIOS.  Now I'm able to install ubuntu 9.04 i386 (server) from my usb 
flash drive. The install goes slow but it will finish - patience. I 
created the pen drive boot files using syslinux as opposed to using 
unetbootin. I did try unetbootin with debian but it didn't work for me. 
I followed the syslinux tutorial here:


Also, I think it was Bruce who asked recently what router/firewalls 
people use... I'm trying to build one with the via c7 chipset for around 
$200. It has one 10/100/1000 lan but I got the jetway motherboard which 
has an expansion slot for 10/100/1000 lan. The expansion slot only works 
on certain models. The case is book-size. There is a small fan and the 
power supply is 12Volt, 60W.  Hopefully this works great as a home 
router and saves on electricity. Unsure what the "uptime" will be but 
from newegg posts it sounds like people have been running via c7 
firewall/routers successfully.  If anyone wants exact hardware specs, 
let me know.


jaret wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Has anyone installed linux on a via c7 from usb pen drive?  Any 
> distribution tips?
> The problem I'm having is either hardware related or linux distro. I 
> don't know. Help?  I recently purchased a via c7 eden and am going to 
> get where I can try Tweek's firewall setup as in 
> http://xcssa.org/files/XCSSA-SOHO-Firewall-DMZ-Web/img0.html.  But I 
> digress... The case doesn't have any hard-drives in it nor does it 
> have a cd-rom.  I am using two usb pen drives.  One usb is set to boot 
> ubuntu 9.04 i386. When the via turns on, it boots ubuntu and gets to 
> the "select language" intro, which is the first ubuntu install 
> screen.  At this point the keyboard is not responsive. There are 
> lights on the keyboard, so I know it is drawing power from the usb 
> slot. I'm using a dell usb-keyboard. I've even tried plugging the 
> keyboard usb into a usb-to-ps/2 adapter. (It has the picture of a 
> mouse on it but isn't this the same spec?)... No responsiveness from 
> the keyboard still.
> I then used unetbootin to put debian stable on a usb pen drive but the 
> via just hangs on the initial bios screen and before debian installer 
> can go. (I didn't use unetbootin for Ubuntu 9.04 - just the debian 
> distro for sake of comparison.)
> It'll be a few days but I've got a slim CD drive hidden away and 
> somewhere I might have a different keyboard... but maybe the via needs 
> a special distro of linux to work?  (Not i386? -- or use something 
> other than a debian-based distro) Maybe it's not hardware related?
> Thanks for any help,
> Jaret

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