[SATLUG] Ubuntu 9.04 Installation Guide - Excellent

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 06:45:20 CDT 2009

Well done on Cheryl's problem, Herb!

IMHO, an excellent installation guide for Ubuntu 9.04.
He also has an Ubuntu 8.04 guide but I did not look at that.

Eva's useful guide to Ubuntu 9.04

For a person of my experience and use level the topics:
"B. Install useful software" and
"5. Uninstall unused software and cleanup"
were most useful and helpful.

I have always wanted a "goby/howto/DIY" to find and remove packages I
don't need and never use.
This sequence is especially nice:
"At this point, your system may be full of unused libraries. The
package deborphan helps finding and removing orphaned libraries. It
has a Gtk frontend called gtkorphan."

sudo apt-get install deborphan gtkorphan

[GtkOrphan Deborphan Ubuntu Screenshot]

Finally, a little cleanup:

sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean

There are many useful thing in this installation guide for me...

My platforms dual boot Ubuntu 9.04 and PCLinuxOS 2009 except the
laptop which does Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04. It came with XP and
Ubuntu 9.04 gives better battery life than PCLinuxOS 2009. Plus Ubuntu
9.04 has the JFS file system and PCLinuxOS 2009 does not.
My personal experience has been that the JFS file system gives
superior performance over ext2/3 and XFS. Especially on older
processors (P4, AMD Athlon). I tested it pretty hard by crashing my
systems at random (I get a lot of lightening hits and have lost data
with other file systems). JFS has been rock solid for me in the
Personal Computing and very small SOHO (sOHO). And fast...


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