[SATLUG] Via C7 Eden and booting from USB (Ubuntu, Debian... other?)

Tim corpustexn at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 30 08:05:25 CDT 2009

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> Subject: [SATLUG]  Via C7 Eden and booting from USB (Ubuntu, Debian... other?)
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> Date: Monday, June 29, 2009, 11:32 PM
> Hi everyone,
> Has anyone installed linux on a via c7 from usb pen
> drive?  Any distribution tips?
> The problem I'm having is either hardware related or linux
> distro. I don't know. Help?  I recently purchased a via
> c7 eden and am going to get where I can try Tweek's firewall
> setup as in http://xcssa.org/files/XCSSA-SOHO-Firewall-DMZ-Web/img0.html. 
> But I digress... The case doesn't have any hard-drives in it
> nor does it have a cd-rom.  I am using two usb pen
> drives.  One usb is set to boot ubuntu 9.04 i386. When
> the via turns on, it boots ubuntu and gets to the "select
> language" intro, which is the first ubuntu install
> screen.  At this point the keyboard is not responsive.
> There are lights on the keyboard, so I know it is drawing
> power from the usb slot. I'm using a dell usb-keyboard. I've
> even tried plugging the keyboard usb into a usb-to-ps/2
> adapter. (It has the picture of a mouse on it but isn't this
> the same spec?)... No responsiveness from the keyboard
> still.
> I then used unetbootin to put debian stable on a usb pen
> drive but the via just hangs on the initial bios screen and
> before debian installer can go. (I didn't use unetbootin for
> Ubuntu 9.04 - just the debian distro for sake of
> comparison.)
> It'll be a few days but I've got a slim CD drive hidden
> away and somewhere I might have a different keyboard... but
> maybe the via needs a special distro of linux to work? 
> (Not i386? -- or use something other than a debian-based
> distro) Maybe it's not hardware related?
> Thanks for any help,
> Jaret
A shot in the dark.  Is legacy usb enabled in your bios?
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