[SATLUG] I'm sorry everyone...

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Mar 1 22:31:20 CST 2009

my 2 cents

On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 14:08 -0600, Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> I only do emails. surfing (research), some text docs, unloading cam and
> editing pics streaming cable and other TV shows...
I am assuming that you will be doing light video/photo editing so you
should at the very least aim for a dual core of some sort.  if you have
the cash though a good quad core with mother board is your best bet.  I
prefer nvidia cuz they give the best driver support. I would put the
bulk of you money here.  a good motherboard will allow you to expand
into the future so get one that offers 6 or more sata ports.
> No gaming, or high powered stuff like most of you do.  I want a good
> reliable MB, video card, sound card with dolby and enough memory and
> processor speed to do it all..
on board dolby sound is pretty standard and 64 bit is a must 8 mb max is
also standard.  editing video is memory intensive so you will want the
room to add to as you can afford.
> My current system is old but good, just too slow for me and the streaming is
> being affected..  I thought I might enjoy a "project"...I have good quality
> stuff on my PC, just time to update and upgrade...btw I love my own ATX case
> too!  
think about a new case.  rendering video can create a lot of heat and a
properly ventilated system is a must.  Heat is the cpu killer so a good
heat sink (not the crap they give you with you chip) will help to extend
the life of your investment.  I use a gemini II
http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/64872/ Its a big mutha so
it may not suit your purposes.
> I have way more than enough room to work in it with my hands without
> them getting all chewed up by the metal.  I run it with a side off to help
> keep it cooler inside...thank you all very much...I'm just a simple computer
> person and run Hardy...cheryl
also dont give up on your old computer sounds like it would make a great
home server for storing all of your media.  might even make a reasonable


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