[SATLUG] building a new box, John

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 23:27:54 CST 2009

Thank you too John...I learned about thinking several years out when I
worked in the computer industry...it really saves a lot of trouble later
down the road and makes a system usable for much longer..can do simple and
easy..less expensive upgrades to it over the years too that way..

I like ASUS  and need to check them out too...

Now the hooking up the lights thing is really scaring me...I guess I can
always take the project as far as I can on my own and mhave what I can't do
or am afraid to do done by someone else..I mean pay to have it done the rest
of the way if I need too...

I want to settle on a processor and MOBO 1st and go from there....again

Thank you and everyone for helping me out...cheryl

Thank you again too Herb!...

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