[SATLUG] building a new box, John

Travis Runty trunty at linuxismybff.com
Sun Mar 1 23:33:55 CST 2009

For the sake of trying to keep my inbox organized can I request that when
replying to an existing thread you not change the subject?  I realize that
I'll probably be called lame and that gmail will probably be called lame for
not threading appropriately but oh well...

Thank you.

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 11:27 PM, Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Thank you too John...I learned about thinking several years out when I
> worked in the computer industry...it really saves a lot of trouble later
> down the road and makes a system usable for much longer..can do simple and
> easy..less expensive upgrades to it over the years too that way..
> I like ASUS  and need to check them out too...
> Now the hooking up the lights thing is really scaring me...I guess I can
> always take the project as far as I can on my own and mhave what I can't do
> or am afraid to do done by someone else..I mean pay to have it done the
> rest
> of the way if I need too...
> I want to settle on a processor and MOBO 1st and go from there....again
> Thank you and everyone for helping me out...cheryl
> Thank you again too Herb!...
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Travis Runty

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