[SATLUG] Sharing an internet connection virtually (VMWARE)

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Mon Mar 9 09:41:02 CDT 2009

> I have no internet in Linux due to my only way to get internet is
> through my blackberry curve phone sharing ( I think some call this
> tethering) internet to the pc. It works fine in winblows of course
> with the provided winblows software, so I booted over to Linux, fired
> up VMware workstation 6.5, set up the internet in it, and I have
> internet in my guest os in vmware which is 32 bit xp media center. I
> right clicked the connection from "network connections" and went to
> share this connection. Now I'd like to share it to my host os, 64-bit
> Ubuntu 8.10 in Raid 0. Do I need to be using NAT or Bridged. Please be
> specific and give detailed instructions. Thank you. I've set up
> internet sharing before but not virtually.
> -- 
> Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com>
> Ubuntu 64 bit Linux Raid Level 0

I have a feeling this is going to a bit tricky. VMWare assumes to
get the internet connection from the host os, I am not sure if you 
can rig it so it goes the other way around.

Can you rig it inside of WIndows to share the internet connection with
the guest OS? You may be out of luck...I think first you would have to
setup Windows to route internet traffic over the VMWare interface.
Then you would have to set up the default route in Linux to use the vmware
interfaces. Not sure if VMWare can even route internet traffic to 
your host OS.

On my RAZR I can connect to the internet by using it as a modem. When 
I connect it to the USB port, I get /dev/ttyACM0 which can be used
as a dialup modem with pppd or other authentication mechanisms. See if
you get this device once you plug it in.


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