[SATLUG] Meeting, Computer Show, Shirts & ideas for presentations

Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Tue Mar 10 13:34:26 CDT 2009

Hello all,

First of all, a reminder about the meeting on THURSDAY evening.  Unless
someone volunteers to do some sort of presentation, we don't have anything
formally set up. The normal time of 7:00 at Nail Technical Center room 025,
just like usual.  The BEST THING?  Spring Break means no problems with
finding parking.  (Don, thanks again for setting me straight on WHICH night
the meeting is.  It's been a long week.)

Secondly, the Computer Show is this Saturday.  I will be taking the sign out
to the show EARLY (0700) on Saturday morning.  IF I can set it up by myself
I will do so.  (Never tried putting it together & up by myself before.)  I
won't be back to the show until sometime early in the afternoon as I am
participating in the St. Patrick's Day Parade & don't know where in the
parade we are or what time we will finish.)

Thirdly, an update on the SATLUG shirts.  I was sick week before last &
wasn't able to get the shirts ordered then.  Last week I was super busy
playing catchup at work & couldn't take any time off.  I talked to the shirt
company this morning.  The sales person who was handing our account has quit
& the new person has to look at the file & bring herself up-to-date.

Fourthly?  Would there be an interest in having a meeting where several
people brought their favorite "special purpose" distributions?  I don't have
anything specific in mind but thought that it might be interesting to see
some of these & find out how they are being used.  Are there any other

Jim Wells

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