[SATLUG] Atheros wifi driver installation

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 17:17:37 CDT 2009

Geoff wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> Hi folks...  My current Acer Aspire 3050 laptop is dying - overall
>> performance drop, keys sticking or not writing, screen darkening and
>> forever running hot.  I've replaced it with a newer Acer Aspire 5155
>> (AMD Athlon 64 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM).  Problem:  While the 3050 had a
>> Broadcom wifi card, and I'd finally discovered how to make the
>> restricted drivers work, the new 5155 has an Atheros wifi card, and
>> I'm lost again...  I've loaded Ubuntu 8.04LTS (fresh load), and the
>> system says its using the Atheros restricted driver(s), but I'm not
>> even seeing a wifi light, much less connecting to anything. Wired
>> networking/internet runs just fine and everything else runs cherry. 
>> Any suggestions?
> At the risk of stating the obvious, Ed... there are some laptops that
> have a feature that allows you to turn on/off the WiFi feature.
> If you're not seeing the Wifi Light, I'd say it was turned off.
> On my Gateway, there's a symbol that kinda looks like;
> ((( . ))) (with a bigger dot in themiddle, of course)
> The Fn (in blue) key, and the corresponding key with that graphic on it,
> toggle the Wifi on/off
> I apologize if I'm oversimplifying something you probably already looked
> into, but better to turn that pebble over, instead of leaving a clue
> unsolved.
> -Geoff
There's actually a spring-button to turn it off/on, just like on my 
3050.  Function keys apparently have no effect.  Thanks for getting that 
one out of the way tho...


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