[SATLUG] Atheros wifi driver installation

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 18:56:25 CDT 2009

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 09:46, John Pappas <j at jvpappas.net> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 19:22, scs at worldlinkisp.com <scs at worldlinkisp.com
> >wrote:
> > > the new 5155 has an Atheros wifi card, and I'm lost again...
> > >I've loaded Ubuntu 8.04LTS (fresh load), and the system
> > >says its using the Atheros restricted driver(s), but I'm not
> > >even seeing a wifi light, much less connecting to anything.
> > >Wired networking/internet runs just fine and everything else
> > >runs cherry.  Any suggestions?
> > ------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > Could be something simple, Atheros is a good chipset, but you
> > need to provide more info (sort of like saying I have a European
> > car, not specific). Do a CL < lspci -n  > and ID the chipset for
> > us.
> >
> Verify that the `lspci -n` lists the card.  Agree with Lou here, please
> send
> the Vendor:Device combo, or verify that the ath5k driver will list it.  IME
> each drivers' source has a enum list of ID strings for the devices that it
> supports, and occasionally (I have delt with this regularly with
> 3G/GPRS/EVDO "Air" Cards, as the drivers do not often include the newer
> devices, so that the driver will not load since it does not "recognize" the
> device, so hack/recompile driver source is required untill the distro
> updates it kernel and drivers.

to further expand the specific outputs that would be nice are:

lspci | grep Network
lsmod | grep ath

I'm running Fedora 10 and I've got a Netgear Wireless-N card that has the
AR5008 chipset.  The driver i'm using is the ath9k, it has occasional
connect isues, but a quick reload of the driver fixes that (which i've a
small script and button to do, and the svn NetworkManager helped it happen

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