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I second Amazon.  They have a lot of the same music as iTunes, it's all
256K plain vanilla mp3, and many songs cost up to 20 cents less than
they do on iTunes.  With iTunes, even the non-DRM "iTunes+" stuff is in
some kind of proprietary format.  You can at least convert those to mp3,
but why mess with the extra step?

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> I use gtkpod instead of itunes and download mp3's from 
> amazon.  They don't have any special encoding I know of.  
> Amarok in kde works well with the older generation ipods.
> Robert Waldo
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> Dear Satluggers:
> <disclaimer>Please excuse my extreme ignorance about all 
> matters Ipod/Itunes/I*...</disclaimer>
> My daughter wants to use "Itunes" on the web to download songs to her
> Samsung T1O mp3 player. We have linux computers at home, and 
> I found a Linux app called
> "Gnomad Ipod" that does a reasonable job in synching the T10 
> to whatever I have on
> disk. Here is my question: Once I have an account on Itunes, 
> I am presumably
> able to download songs from the web for a small fee, right? 
> Do I need to have
> any special software just to download? Once I download, what 
> format are the song files
> in? Are they MP3 or some digital rights protected encryption? 
> For me, the easiest
> would be to have an app that would convert whatever I 
> download to mp3 and then
> put it on my daughters T10 using the "Gnomad Ipod" software. 
> Is this a reasonable
> approach to this problem? Any other suggestions? I also would 
> like to know about
> alternatives to Itunes, free or commercial. Suggestions welcome!
> Thanks, -Borries
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