[SATLUG] Customized Firstboot or equivalent...

John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Tue Mar 24 10:48:09 CDT 2009

Hey all,

I had an interesting question come up the other day, specifically, how does
one get a custom script to run automatically immediately following a
kickstarted install.  The POST section of the ks file only acts on the
pre-firstboot environment, so a script that depends on a full-boot
environment fails.  Since the `firstboot` system is not modular nor directly
customizable (AFAIK), what is the "easiest" way to inject a custom script to
run immediately after the firstboot?

My inital thoughts that I sent up (You Gov't contract IT guys will recognize
the onus for this particular need):
So far, injecting the command into to the firstboot script would work, but
you can't just `echo add_command >> /etc/init.d/firstboot` as the script
ends in an exit statement.  You could `sed` through it and add the line
right after the `esac` before the `exit`.  The other idea that I have right
now is add a custom service, that is EXACTLY like first boot.  Modify the
firstboot script and associated files, have your POST section of the ks file
copy those doctored files from a customized CD/DVD that includes them, and
run a `chkconfig --add  firstboot_STIG; chkconfig --level 35  firstboot_STIG
on` and then at the end of your `firstboot_STIG` wrapper just run a
`chkconfig --level 35  firstboot_STIG off;chkconfig --del  firstboot_STIG`
to remove the service.  The other option is to leave it just like the
firstboot and use something like an `/etc/sysconfig/reSTIG` file to que
`firstboot_STIG` to run again.

Any ideas would be apprciated...


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