[SATLUG] One File System Reading Another (borrowed from Solaris Discussion)

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 13:00:54 CDT 2009

Starting a different thread from what Henry originally wrote:

> Henry Pugsley wrote:
>> Actually Solaris on x86 can't read partitions that were created on
>> Sparc because of endian issues.  I found a discussion on it, and the
>> developers said it won't happen.  Luckily the Linux UFS driver does
>> the byte-swapping.
Perhaps some of you can help me with what should have been among my 
newbie questions a few years back:  why is it that Linux- based systems 
seem natively able to read, or at least be aware of NTFS and FAT-32 
partitions, among others, while in reverse it appears that NTFS or 
FAT-32 cannot read or are unaware or EXT2/3 partitions?   Arrogance, 
maybe...?  That one's always kinda puzzled me...


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