[SATLUG] KDE 4.2.2 is on Mandriva Cooker

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 16:36:10 CDT 2009

Since installing Mandriva 2009.1 RC1, I have been applying updates on a daily basis and generally have been happy with the results, with improvements each day. The big surprise of the day was to find that there are many updates to KDE, bringing it up to Version: 4.2.2-1mdv2009.1.
I checked kde.org for a changelog and they are still listing 4.2.1 as the newest release. I suppose 4.2.2 might be on the developer page, but I haven't looked yet. Anyway, 4.2.2 is out there and making its way to the update repositories.

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