[SATLUG] One File System Reading Another (borrowed from Solaris Discussion)

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Mon Mar 30 13:45:38 CDT 2009

On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 1:00 PM, ed <horned0wl93 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Starting a different thread from what Henry originally wrote:
>  Henry Pugsley wrote:
>>> Actually Solaris on x86 can't read partitions that were created on
>>> Sparc because of endian issues.  I found a discussion on it, and the
>>> developers said it won't happen.  Luckily the Linux UFS driver does
>>> the byte-swapping.
>> Perhaps some of you can help me with what should have been among my newbie
> questions a few years back:  why is it that Linux- based systems seem
> natively able to read, or at least be aware of NTFS and FAT-32 partitions,
> among others, while in reverse it appears that NTFS or FAT-32 cannot read or
> are unaware or EXT2/3 partitions?   Arrogance, maybe...?  That one's always
> kinda puzzled me...

This is just a matter of device drivers for the VFS (virtual file system).
 Sun pioneered the idea (of the VFS) then it caught on with all the unix
vendors. Windoze must have implemented the idea.  Most Unixes will allow
multiple device drivers for the VFS.    What it really does is put function
pointers into a device table in the kernel.


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