[SATLUG] hostile referer

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Mar 31 10:07:06 CDT 2009

We have a problem with a domain name. 

Here is an example:

Let's say we have a domain called domain-a.com
Now someone else created a new domain called domain-b.com. It has been
set up to forward to our domain-a.com. However, all URL's that would
normally show up under domain-a.com, are now always showing up
as domain-b.com.

Example: if I click on the link for myfile.html on the domain-a.com
website, I get a URL that shows up as http://domain-a.com/myfile.html,
if I go to https://domain-a.com/login.php, I see exactly this URL in
the URL bar.

However, when I come in through domain-b.com, and click on the link
for myfile.html, I get http://domain-b.com in the URL, nothing else, 
and myfile.html never shows in the URL tab.
Ditto for the secure login link. Even though it goes through the https
link, this is hidden from the user, and the URL still shows "http://domain-b.com".

Question: short of contacting the domain provider, is there a way that I

1. block any referrals to my website, domain-a.com, from domain-b.com?


2. force any referrals to my website from domain-b.com to be rewritten
in the URL tab to be domain-a.com/whatever.html, incl. the secure login
link? The owner of domain-b.com is hostile to us, and so we don't
want to have to deal with him.

We have tried a few options, but so far no cigar. We need a solution quick!

Thanks for any help, -b.

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