[SATLUG] Xubuntu Streaming Media Server

Matt Graham matthewalan77 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 21:14:32 CDT 2009

Ok so this is a spin off from my post over the weekend.  I think I have
chosen to go with the Media Server idea for my CLI hero.

I think I will be purchasing this...


Now I need to tackle the daunting task of getting the Media Server running
on my Xubuntu laptop.  I have spent the evening trolling the internet for
some help but have turned up next to noting.  Do I need Mythbuntu
installed.  And if so, what part do I need?  Front end?, Back end?  I am
lost.  Does anyone have any experiance with Media Servers or know a better
way to acomplish what I am lokking to do?

Thanks guys,


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