[SATLUG] Wireless bridges

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri May 8 00:49:59 CDT 2009

ed wrote:
> I'm a bit confused here...  If you have a wireless network available to
> you, why not just install a wireless NIC on the machine in question?  My
> own setup (3 machines) is a hybrid of wired and wireless on a Linksys
> router:
> ISP -> Cable modem -> Linksys WRT54GS -> System A (wired)
> -> System B (wired)
> -> System C (wireless)
> -> Guest System(s) (either)
> I've used Belkin, Linksys and Netgear wireless NICs to connect desktops
> and towers to my network.
> Conversely, if you have no router, but have both a wired and wireless
> NIC in the same desktop, you should be able to setup some version of
> internet connection sharing (ICS) on the Wireless NIC, and let your
> desktop control access to the internet like a server:
> ISP -> Cable modem -> System A wired NIC -> System A wireless NIC ->
> System B.

I've thought about that but haven't researched wireless NICs for Linux 
compatibility yet.  I was also looking at flexibility.  If I have another system 
without wireless capability, I'd like to be able to plug it in at the second 

What's your experience with wireless nics for Linux?

   -- Bruce

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