[SATLUG] cable TV on the net

Sugar ftm at satx.rr.com
Sat May 9 05:31:39 CDT 2009

I recently purchased a HP pavilion core duo with the TV tuner card, and 
hooked up to my TW cable without an external box.  As TW broadcasts in 
analog, the tuner card converts it to digital, making an additional box from 
TW redundant.  I used the included software to scan the available channels 
and not only receive all the channels that the set top box does on my TV 
set, but additional channels that it does not display.  It seems to work 
much as the late versions of flat screen TVs that have the built in tuners. 
My computer has two LCD monitors, so I can watch HDTV on one and go about my 
business on the other.  I can also record shows on the hard drive and even 
burn them to CD/DVD much like the DVR on the regular TV.  I haven't tried it 
with an external antenna for over-the-air yet, but probably experiment with 
that sometime.
I also notice the availability of software that will pick up TV from the 
internet, however the programming selections seem to be a joke. 

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