[SATLUG] dumb question

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Thu May 7 17:05:20 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> Does anyone know if I would have to have 2 good inkjet catridges in an HP
> Officejet to print in black or greyscale?  Or will it work with just a good
> black cartridge?
> Do I just keep the empty color catridge in the machine with the new FULL
> black cartrigge...or can I run them with strictly the new back cartridge
> without an empty or new color catridge?
> I mainly use black ink so don't really need color much ..
> Thank you very much!  cheryl

Should work either way.

I gave up on inkjet printers.  If you only do black and white printing 
there are cheap laser printers that you just plug into your newtwork and 

I used an inkjet printer for heavy printing for about a year once.  I 
bought one of those black ink refill kits with a pint of black ink off 
of ebay for like $20.  I thought I was really going to stick it to the 
man but after about 700 pages and refilling the cartridge about 4 times 
it stopped working completely.  So I was faced with buy another 
cartridge or put my money in something better....


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