Jim Wells, President president at satlug.org
Sun May 10 23:03:48 CDT 2009

Hello all,

I apologize to everyone that it has taken so long to get the shirts
ordered.  I got them ordered on Friday and they SHOULD be ready in about 2
or 2 1/2 weeks.  The young lady at the Shirt place will be letting me know
tomorrow when I should be able to pick them up.  I SHOULD have them 3 or 4
days before the computer show.
Please let me know DIRECTLY OFF-LIST what arrangements you want to make.  I
plan to be at the computer show on the 30th so I can arrange to take your
shirt(s) there & deliver them.  (For the 3 of you out of towners, I will get
your shirts sent off as soon as I can get to the post office.)

Those who are unable to make either the computer show or the next meeting
can contact me DIRECTLY.  If you will let me know your approximate work
schedule & what part of town you live in /work in, We can make arrangements
to meet either at lunchtime, one evening after work, or on a weekend.  Just
a reminder, I WORK near Hwy90 & S. Zarzamora, LIVE near SAC and until the
first of July will be spending most of both Tuesday & most Thursday nights
at Blanco Road & Loop 1604.  Let me know how these fit in your schedules &
we'll see what we can do about getting the shirts to you.

Part of the problem gettign the shirts ordered was the fact that our sales
rep apparently quit with no notice & the new people had absolutely no idea
what was going on with our account.

You can see that it's been a rather "interesting" situation.


ps.  It's been a very long day so if this e-mail seems just a little
disjointed, it's because it is.  LOL.

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