[SATLUG] External Laptop Antena and the SAFreePublicWiFi

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Thu May 14 18:58:20 CDT 2009

> There is no doubt the biquad is a more exotic solution than what I tried a couple of years ago.  Just a piece of coax with the correct impedance, I don't remember what impedance now of course, and a connector from altex for the wifi card. and an 11 ounce coffee can.  The included link has a calculator for the location of the hole you need to drill or gouge out. I kept it simple by trimming back the center conductor insulation to the right length.  If I recall about 1.2 inches.  And then soldered the shield directly to the can.  Here in Corpus my closest access point was about a half mile, and with obstrutions, but I could connect.  Of course the biquad is much cooler!
> http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/cantennahowto.html 

sorry for the long reply I have been so wrapped up trying to get my gps
win sync with kismet, gpsdrive and google earth that I havent bothered
to check my email.  

Success though milestone two is passed an I will conducting a passive
scan of the downtown area.  hopefully I will have a nice kml file to
open up with google earth.

As for the antenna I will first build a couple of cantennas out of
pringles cans in the next couple of days before I try out the bi-quad.
Personally I think the bi-quad would look pretty cool on my roof.

as for the range of my war-driving antenna that I hacked to my lappy I
am picking up packets from about 4 to 5 blocks away.

by the way anyone have any info on on a series of ap called


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