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Thu May 14 23:11:57 CDT 2009

We use grande and I've been pretty happy with the support and service.
we're bundling phone, cable and one of their slower-broadband internet

One thing I'd criticize is that I found that I couldn't use their
mail server to read incoming mail. They seem to have some fairly
aggressive spam filtering that would reject email from senders 
that had mis-configured DNS (probably reverse lookups weren't
configured right). We just had too many people unable to mail
us at grandecom.net. Not really a big a deal though. I've since
shifted to web-based email so that I don't tie myself to one ISP

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> Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009, 7:16 PM
> I have to throw my lot in with
> Grande.  Great customer service and
> 1mbit/sec service $40 a month.
> Todd
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