[SATLUG] War-Drive Results

mike wn5pmr at gmail.com
Fri May 15 07:24:45 CDT 2009

Geoff wrote:
> Before anyone gets confused, a 'Cantenna', is the name of a dummy-load
> that was built by Heathkit, years ago.
> A Dummy-load, is a device that contains the operational characteristics
> of an antenna, but doesn't radiate anywhere.  The 'load' is a 25watt, 50
> ohm, non-inductive resistor connected to some simple circuitry and sunk
> in a gallon of transformer oil in the size of a paint-can.
> A homemade pringles can antenna, in my opinion, shouldn't be called a
> 'Cantenna', less it be confused with a dummy-load.
> -Geoff
> (Too many Hams on here to let that go by un-noticed)
Bad Mikey, been a ham for 43 years and that one slipped right by me.

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