[SATLUG] Recommendations for a SAMBA/NAS device?

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Thu May 21 07:04:39 CDT 2009

are you looking for something like this?
 its a bit on the pricey side but A little imagination and one should be
able to rig something up similar


On Wed, 2009-05-20 at 22:32 -0500, FIRESTORM_v1 wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm trying to solve a major power issue at the house and am hoping
> that someone can shed some of their energy managment insight.
> I've been using Zeus (my main gaming rig) as my fileserver now for a
> while but am wantnig to see what I can do about cutting down on my
> power usage.  Zeus is an Athlon64 running at about 3GHz with a total
> of 7 drives in it and a handful of other peripherals. The problem is
> that four of those drives are SATA 750GB drives and are hanging off of
> a Promise FastTrack TX130 RAID controller and the array is about 2TB
> and has pretty much everything on it concerning projects, documents,
> code, apps, etc. and is very important to have always available.
> The problem I'm wanting to solve is how can I minimize power usage but
> still keep the array available?  I've pondered being able to seperate
> the drive array from the machine, but I'd have to have a machine to
> put it into and then I'd be back to the same problem again.
> My thinking is that a low-powered machine, like an embedded system
> would do it nicely, but I want to make every effort I can to insure
> that the machine is as low-power as possible, and that the data on the
> array is preserved. I am thinking something like the Linksys NSLU2,
> but with one PCI slot instead of two USB ports, running off of flash
> or a laptop HDD in a Linux environment.
> I've done some research into an embedded systems and was impressed
> with the Shuttle and VIA boards.  Something like that might prove
> ideal but I have never used one.  I have an Artigo pico-ITX board but
> it is very underpowered, I don't want to run into a similar situation
> with this project.
> With that in mind, I'm looking for suggestions both from a hardware
> level and from a software level.
> On the hardware side, I want a case that has three forward facing 5.25
> drives (the SATA drive cage I have occupies three bays) and some place
> to mount a laptop HDD (or if a flash drive is used, this requirement
> is mitigated).
> The hardware must haves:
> - 10/100 Ethernet wired.  (GigE is a Nice-to-have, but not required)
> - One PCI slot (PCI-64bit is not needed)
> - One IDE port or Flash disk capable of a 4GB microdrive or similar
> sized CF card.
> - Power Supply that won't crap out on me in a year that can be easily
> field-replaced and can drive all components. (No fifty thousand power
> bricks and don't want another "e-machines" power supply)
> - Processor that is not massively overpowered, but not horribly
> underpowered either. Want to be able to run LAMP and SAMBA and support
> multiple concurrent users without issue. (Believe it or not, Windows
> works without issue in it's current configuration.)
> - Must have adequate cooling but not sound like a jet engine.  (Don't
> want it louder than a Compaq DL380 :P )
> On the software side, must haves
> - Linux platform, with modular installation/removal. (Like apt-get,
> but recently got stung by Ubuntu so not too sure on software updates.)
> - SSH, Samba, Apache, NTP
> - Hardware support for the FastTrack TX430 is a _MUST_  I can't afford
> another RAID card and besides, where am I going to stash a TB of data
> for the conversion?
> Nice-to-haves (both hardware and software)
> - Really don't want another desktop or server case around the house,
> something smaller is nice
> - A Web-based administration console like the NSLU2 or similar.
> What do you guys recommend? What are your experiences with home-NAS
> solutions?  What issues did you encounter and what did you do to fix
> them?
> Thanks in advance.

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