[SATLUG] OT: Cheryl's System Crash

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Thu May 21 18:52:27 CDT 2009

scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> I have with 8.04 desktop loaded and a cd to go with it so that at 
> least she can boot from diff HD if a crash happens and can then maybe 
> get fixed using Email. like now the window to Cheryl's world is 
> shuttered. I know living alone and remote how important that window is 
> so sad trip.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> As I mentioned last week at the onset, she needs  to keep a "Live CD" 
> on hand, this way she can still get on-line...Also, a Live CD is handy for 
> trouble shooting and verifying HW/SW problems..
> The second HD is a good idea, all my desktops are dual HD
> Lou

I certainly agree Lou but she is where she is in learning Linux she is a 
very sharp lady but not a programmer nor systems IT training. Just got 
sick of WinBS-OS and switched. This list has helped her survive so far 
and no one has ever walked her tru anything like this. I hope Alex can 
give her a few quick tips he said he was gonna leave a live CD with her 
when he gets her data saved and her sys restored. She is a gutsy person 
to even take care of herself under the conditions. Bless Alex heart for 
helping her. Ya know it's just this situ that makes this list very special.
Alex take a bow.


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