[SATLUG] New user requests advice.

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Thu May 21 19:30:54 CDT 2009

cdv7 at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> Greetings,
> Before I attempt to switch from DSL to Dial Up I need to know several 
> things:
> 1. When I first tried to connect to the Internet in 2005 (I had 
> Windows then) I tried several Dial Up ISP's but could never make a 
> connection. I was told the wiring is too old. (My house was built pre- 
> 1950's but was remodeled during the 1980's , some of the wiring was 
> changed then.) How should I address this possible problem? I hope its 
> resolution will not be prohibitively expensive.

Hello cdv7 .... welll sounds BS to me a wire is a wire is a wire and if 
your DSL is clear so will that line be clear dialing an ISP I have DSL 
lowest possible speed and I can dial up on the same line just get 44bps 
rather than 170bps. You should not have to do anything.

> 2.  It has been recommended that I first update to the newest version 
> of Ubuntu but I am unclear about the recent crash of Ms. Holmes. I am 
> concerned I may have a similar experience, as I would not know how to 
> avoid it.

Ok yes the latest versions of Ubuntu ie 9.04 has better drivers in many 
cases and this may be one you can google an find out I do it fine on 
8.04 that is the long term support release good fo auto upgrades another 
2yrs. Your answer here really depends on what your puter is used for. 
Cheryl's problem was she has only about 10% normal vision and she was 
tired and misread the auto upgrade thinking it was simply another 
security or bug fix update that is issued almost daily. I took Tweeks 
advice 2yrs ago and do not do the online updates instead buy a CD for 
3-4 bucks and install from there I have gone from 5,04 to *.04 with 
never a prob and alsonever had a problem with upgrades every few days. 
as long as you have the live CD you can boot from it and run even with a 
crashed HD.

> 3. I need to know how to transfer all my e-mail -not just my Inbox but 
> my Drafts and Sent boxes too. (I ran into this problem when I 
> transfered from Suse to Ubuntu.) I transfered the contents of my 
> desktop by putting them on a flash drive. However, some of the e-mail 
> (such as the Drafts Box) was transferred one message at a time. Please 
> tell me if there is a more efficient way to do this.
> Also,if there are other important things I need to know before I make 
> the switch, please let me know.
> Thank you very much for your assistance.

Can't help on #3 cause there are many EM clients I suggest googling the 
two you have in mind and find out ahead what is necessary to transfer data.

> ~ cdv

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