[SATLUG] OT: Cheryl's System Crash

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Thu May 21 20:53:32 CDT 2009

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> Subject: Re: [SATLUG] OT: Cheryl's System Crash
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> Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009, 6:52 PM
> scs at worldlinkisp.com
> wrote:
> > I have with 8.04 desktop loaded and a cd to go with it
> so that at least she can boot from diff HD if a crash
> happens and can then maybe get fixed using Email. like now
> the window to Cheryl's world is shuttered. I know living
> alone and remote how important that window is so sad trip.
> >
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> > As I mentioned last week at the onset, she needs 
> to keep a "Live CD" on hand, this way she can still get
> on-line...Also, a Live CD is handy for trouble shooting and
> verifying HW/SW problems..
> > 
> > The second HD is a good idea, all my desktops are dual
> HD
> > 
> > Lou

I sent this to just Todd on accident.. so I'll paraphrase what I said since my reply was from my phone.

Basically I'm not going to install anything other than Ubuntu because thats what she's used to.  Its going slow because this week I've had alot going on with my son (school activities) and he lives in Austin.  I will install 8.04 tonight.



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