[SATLUG] CVS Directory Restrictions

Mike Wallace m.a.wallace at gmail.com
Thu May 28 15:52:33 CDT 2009


Is it possible to restrict CVS access to a directory within the repository?
Assume that you have a repository with directories /src, /data, and
/secret.  I want all users to access /src, /data, and their subtrees, but
only certain users to access /secret.  We only need one or two files in the
/secret directory, and didn't want to create a seperate repository for just
one or two files.  The /secret files contain systems information we need for
testing, but we don't want to expose that data to our external clients who
use the product.  However, those files should be a part of version control
as they are a part of our build and test process.  Is there any way to keep
/secret in the repository but have it only visible to certain users?  TIA,


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