[SATLUG] Computer Show

Channing.ML at channingc.com Channing.ML at channingc.com
Sun Nov 1 23:47:21 CST 2009

Don Wright wrote:
> Howard Haradon wrote:
>> Nathan,  I plan to bring my PC and could bring along 4-5
>> recent live distros to demo various installs depending on
>> what folks were interested in.  Maybe I could show the
>> same distros that Don has in inventory?
> This month will be heavy on Ubuntu and friends, owing to the 2009.10
> release last week. I'll also have the latest Puppy and a few utilities
> such as Clonezilla. (Leo Laporte mentioned it favorably on his
> www.twit.tv webcast.)  --Don
I've been using Clonezilla instead of Ghost for the last couple of 
years.  It's great software.

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