[SATLUG] OT? OpenOffice Calc question

travis+ml-satlug at subspacefield.org travis+ml-satlug at subspacefield.org
Fri Nov 6 02:07:49 CST 2009

So this is a simple question, but I've googled around and am not finding my answer.

Suppose I'm running a marketing campaign.

I have two ads that I send to people and I want to figure out which one is more effective.

So I have a column containing the name of the person, what ad they received (1 or 2), and whether they responded to it or not (0/1).

I'd like to chart this to compare ad effectiveness.

This seems like it should be easy.

But every time I try to create a graph in Calc, when I select a column for the data range (response yes/no), the other axis always appears to be the row number.

If I select two columns, it maps them both on the Y axis and still uses row numbers for the X axis.

What I want it to do is map ad versus responses.

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