[SATLUG] Upcoming Meetings?

Othniel Graichen othniel at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 21:42:12 CST 2009

I'm planning to present a demo of the new mobile internet service deployed
here in San Antonio
at this week's meeting.  It is called WiMax and what they have done is
create a wireless hotspot
which encircles San Antonio out to 1604.  The name of the company is
Clear.com and they are
backed by some of the biggest names in computing other than microsoft.

The service starts at $25 per month and while there is no activation fee,
you will have to purchase
or lease your equipment to get mobile internet service.  This means you are
not limited to using
Internet at home, but can take it (The Internet) with you.

This is going to take off.

For $30 per month you get service with even more Upload and Download
bandwidth.  I presently have
DSL -- the 3rd level of DSL speed and CLEAR is twice as fast as my DSL and
is mobile!

They have both a USB adapter and an Ethernet style Access Point which you
can connect to
your Router.  For both its $55/month.  They have a Vonage type service for
voice over IP calling.

This is the 4G network you have been hearing about.  Come to the meeting and
see it in action.

Othniel Graichen

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 6:05 PM, Alvin Schurman <alvin.schurman at gmail.com>wrote:

> Satlug,
> Hello!  I'm a new member of the mailing list and I was wondering if there
> are any meetings coming up?  I didn't see anything on the website.
> Alvin
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