[SATLUG] Dell Ubuntu Tower desktops

Cheryl Holmes cherylholmes72 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 15:13:54 CST 2009

LOL Howard...that new smell with all the lead and toxic chemicals
doesn't appeal to me at all. In fact I have to be very careful with
chemicals since I have environmental illness and have had toxic
poisoning in the past.

For me, I want at least 2.8 mgh processor and 2 gig mem.I love to
watch a lot of streaming video on my vwet large LCD monitor.  I also
love to watch DVD;s on it.  The streaming video I watch now is HD so I
need something that can handle that too.  Lots abt the net and web
pages have changed so much even in the last 7 months!

I do a lot of ediucational viewing and reading when I can get good
enough graphics ability to be able to see it.  There is a Harvard
professor who has lectures online that I am nuts about...I really miss

I am so bored and lonesome at times all by myself I could scream.
There is absolitely nothing on the idiot box worth watching/  As blind
as I am which is worse than legally blind, I can't go anywhere or do
anyting so I have no contact with the outside world at all except for
whatever I can do online.  I only leave the house nce or twice monthly
to go to a doctors appointment, so I am very isolated and alone.  A
good PC allows me to not only reach the outside world, but order
things I need at home, entertain myself and enjoy continued learning
from the research I love doing and through educational programs and
lectures.  It keeps my mind occupied as well.

I plan to check out something with Izzy because for me it looks like
the best deal...money wise too...I need to chk out the mobo specs to
see if I can do all the things I want too with the $74.00 pc he
has...and if the mem that is standard on that model can be bumped
up...I also think I can add my dvd burner to it and swap the HD that
comes with it for my Hardy drive.  Basically all I would need to do
with that one is bump up the mem on it because 512 isn't enugh...sio I
would want to max it out..

Luckily my birthday is This Thursday and some BD money is trickling in
now so I may be able to buy it this week...wish me luck Howard...

OOOO that new plastic smell is just awful on those new pc's..very

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 2:19 PM, Howard Haradon <hharadon at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 2:35 AM, Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, do any of you have  Dell Ubuntu desktop that came with Ubuntu from Dell?
>> If so, which model machine and do you like it?  What don't you like about it?
>> Is all the hardware in the machine proprietary or can you now use any
>> manufacturer's compatible hardware in them?
> If you are enamored with that new-computer smell, then
> you may want to look at buying a new (or used) Dell off of Ebay.  There are
> numerous vendors who have a kind of value added reseller relationship with
> Dell and sell new units with a Dell warranty at slightly reduced
> prices.  Your biggest
> savings may come in avoiding sales tax and perhaps reduced shipping cost.
> Good luck,  Howard
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> Howard Haradon
> San Antonio, TX  USA
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