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Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 18:18:46 CST 2009

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 4:49 PM, Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com> wrote:
> does anyone have Izzy's email address so I can contact him?  I do most
> things by email since I can't see to read and write on paper
> etc..thanks c

The SATLUG wiki has a "Linux Hardware Page" just for listing vendors
that members have found useful and helpful.
It may be out of date on some vendors.

For Izzy's it shows:
5525 Blanco Rd. #102
San Antonio, Tx. 78216
(210) 340-3680 (Sales & Technical Support)
(877) 673-1630 (Toll Free Fax)
sales at izzyscomputerdepot.com
support at izzyscomputerdepot.com

In your original email you asked:
> Dual core processor or single ..which is more reliable and faster?

My AMD Athlon X2 4800+ dual core is so much faster than any of my
single cores there is no comparison. My single cores are Pentium 4 @
2.4 Ghz and an AMD Athlon XP 1900.
My Dell Latitude D610 laptop has a Pentium M @ 2.0 Ghz and it is
faster than the two single cores also.

Some places to compare speed:





Speed in anything costs money. Faster CPU means faster memory. Costs more...
CPU's have a very short product life - about 6 months.
They may be available for 2-3 years, if popular.

On older, slower, cheaper, single core processors I find the disk(s) I
use (SATA>faster>IDE), the file system (I get better performance with
JFS over ext3, XFS, ResierFS, etc. - YMMV). The motherboard buss
affects this, PCIe>PCIX>PCI.
On the new dual core machine the file system does not make a
difference. The Dell Latitude D610 laptop has a SATA drive in it. The
third performance improvement area it the graphics card. My new dual
core has an on-board Nvidia chip set. The laptop has an ATI. The older
machines have 4x AGP and 8x AGP which was fast when I bought it but
very slow now, The gamers I talk to buy motherboards that have the
high speed expansion slots like PCIX and PCIe and buy an expensive
graphics card. They get screaming video performance but remember, thye
also have the CPU, memory and disk to do this. Most of them MAX the
memory (8 GB, or more) and run the video out of memory. Memory is
relatively cheap now compared to what it once cost.

Reliability has improved so the newer chips in standard production are
more reliable than older chips statistically. The average user will
never see this so don't worry about reliability from major CPU
manufacturers. Having said that I never buy anything when it first
comes out. I usually wait at least a year. YMMV
One thing to look at, since you are on a fixed income like I am, is
the wattage rating of the CPU. Some of the newer, really fast
dual-/multi-cores consume lots of watts and thus produce lots of heat.
This causes my A/C to run and electricity is no longer cheap. Caveat
Emptor on both CPUs and electric service providers. Both make a
noticeable difference in my electric bill.

I am thinking about changing my computing Strategy.
A 17" laptop would be wonderful because it is easier to see but I can
no longer afford it. A $300 netbook would do everything I need to do
but I can't afford that either. The Dell Latitude D610 was an unwise
purchase. It works great and I love everything about it except the
battery life. It lasts about 1 hour 20-30 minutes in full use. I
believe the minimum battery life should be 3-4 hours MIN and 7-8 hours

First Saturday is selling some used Dell's for $40. I could afford
that. The local Linux group has been installing Linux on them and they
work fine. The First Saturday vendors and buyers are delighted.
Apparently Linux was not well known in this area. I am not in San
Wattage (power consumption) increases cause my electric bill to go up.
There is no electric company that is my friend. I am thinking "GREEN".

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