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Thanks John for all the help. I switched to Mandriva with KDE. It seems to be free of those bugs in GNOME. 

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On Sunday 08 November 2009 18:55:05 Christopher Connell wrote:
> I'm still a noob so bare with me. I'm not sure what Mandriva runs like with KDE 4.3.3. I'm running Mandriva 2010 with GNOME 2.28.0 and it seems to be running OK. I have noticed a few bugs. Epiphany will occassionally go grey and freeze up. Firefox will display a message npviewer.bin has crashed. Downloading "Seamonkey" seems to be the easiest fix. It's close enough to Firefox (Based off the Mozilla open source code for Firefox). 
> Also, as Howard pointed out, there was an issue with the sound when I played Uplink. (Yeah I know I'm a nerd playing a hacker game that's nothing like hacking. :-) ) 
> Lastly, my smartcard reader and SD camera card reader don't work. But those are linux issues. I found a driver from MUSCLE (Movement for the use of smartcards in a linux enviornment) that I'm going to try out to get the smartcard working.
> All-in-all Mandriva has been a good distro. I'd imagine that the KDE version would behave the same.

The smartcard reader and SD card reader MIGHT be fixed by logging in as root and restarting the HAL service... like so:
Open a terminal and type the command 'su', followed by the root password. As root, issue the following command:
'/etc/init.d/haldaemon stop'
wait a few seconds before doing:
'/etc/init.d/haldaemon start'

That should fix access to removable drives on the USB bus.
If that works, let me know and I'll help you to automate that process.

I have never tried the following, but I read that disabling Mandriva's fastboot feature can fix that also. Apparently with kernel 2.6.31.x, haldaemon starts at the wrong time during boot to be properly compatible with Mandriva's fastboot feature.

If you are having sound issues, they are most likely caused by Pulse Audio, the sometimes loved, often hated sound service. That can be fixed by downloading the pulseaudio source code version 0.19 and compiling it for the computer in question. This is quite a process as pulseaudio has some dependencies which need to be compiled and installed first, in addition to several development packages to be installed in Mandriva.
I had to do this on my desktop machine, but not on my laptop.

I have no advice on epiphany, as I use KDE with Opera browser and Firefox only on occasion.

I also can't speak for KDE 4.3.3 specifically because I went from 4.3.2 to 4.3.73, which is 4.3.3 with a few new tweaks/bugfixes in preparation for the 4.4 version.

John C.
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