[SATLUG] BIND Training

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 21:25:34 CST 2009

Leif Johnson wrote:
> I've been managing our school district's DNS for several years. I 
> learned what I know pretty much on my own. Yet sometimes I feel like 
> there are so many holes in my knowledge. Is there someone that offers a 
> day-long training session on DNS and BIND / Linux security in the San 
> Antonio area? I have grant funds for training. -Thanks.

   You've ben around long enough that I think you could pick up 
everything you need to know from the book DNS & BIND.


The current version is the 5th edition.  I've only got the 4th edition, 
but that was pretty good.  I set up the dns server at SAC in Feb 2004 
and it's still running with only a few minor configuration file changes.

It uses a split horizon (different responses for internal and external 
hosts) system, so its more than the trivial setup.

The biggest change to DNS has been quite recent in that they are adding 
support for non-ascii domain names.  That is basically a non-issue for 
servers here in the US unless you are going to set up domain names with 
Chinese or similar characters.

Just ask your questions here and I'm sure they'll get answered.

   -- Bruce

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