[SATLUG] haldaemon restart at boot

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Nov 20 22:40:39 CST 2009

On Friday 20 November 2009 10:41:47 am John D Choate wrote:
> Well, thanks again. This is certainly more info than I needed or can use.

Yeah.. sorry about that.  I meant to add.. don't actually mess with any of 
this SysV simlinking that Bruce and I were tossing around.. 
Bruce and I were just having a public geek pissing contest.

There's really no point in moving the start order from 98 to 99ZZ since the 
thing running right after haldaemon in our examples WAS the rc.local file 
anyway.. hehe

> But I will save it for future reference. Adding commands to restart
> haldaemon in rc.local worked fine for me 

Yeah man.. you're good.. :)

Good luck John


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