[SATLUG] dual screen issues and trouble getting to various irc servers from GVTC

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 13:32:28 CST 2009

hi guys.  So i re-installed my local box to Fedora 12 from 11 ((i was doing
some wonky things and I think it caused the pre-upgrade to fail horribly).
One thing I forgot to do was keep my xorg.conf.  <sarcasm>I know that in the
nice wonderful world that Linux is supposed to be we don't need one.
</sarcasm>  But unfortunately when you have a analog and digital connected
monitor and only the digital reads properly (something about it always
assuming that analog == CRT) means you have to define your monitor in
xorg.conf.  Anyways, I'm playing with this and got my root user's x session
right, but I need a layout section to make it universal, and that keeps
crashing on me.  So in an effeort to try and find a better solution I went
to hop on freenode and ask on #fedora.  After trying to figure out why
empathy wouldn't connect I moved to xchat (empathy wasn't very forthcoming
with information, even in its debug screen).  And well I can't seem to
connect to freenode, or undernet, or efnet.  When I nmap any of the ips I
see that the port is filtered.  I'm on GVTC's network.  Can
anyone else confirm deny this behavior?

Recommendations on getting the system to recognize the analog lcd would be
nice too :)


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