[SATLUG] UPS auto-shutdown of Ubuntu 8.1 Server

David Labens adlabens at swbell.net
Sun Nov 29 19:56:33 CST 2009

I went back & searched thru my 3200 archived emails and can't find the one with the answer...

I've got an APC "Back-UPS RS 800" battery backup and want it to primarily protect our Ubuntu 8.10 Server box (home environment).  Of course, plugging the server power cord into the Back-UPS is no problem.  But, I want the UPS to shut down the server if power goes out.  So, I have the following questions:

What other physical connections do I need (USB, Ethernet, Serial, Parallel)?

What monitoring software does the best job of monitoring and shutting down the server?

Can it be configured to send me an email just before shutting down the server?


David Labens

San Antonio, TX

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