[SATLUG] UPS auto-shutdown of Ubuntu 8.1 Server

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 29 21:43:57 CST 2009

David Labens wrote:

>I've got an APC "Back-UPS RS 800" battery backup <...>
>What other physical connections do I need (USB, Ethernet, Serial, Parallel)?
The UPS should have come with a monitor cable. A quick look at the APC
website shows it as an RJ-45 to USB cable. If you do not have it you can
order one from APC.

Once you have the correct cable, if it is USB it should be automatically
detected when you connect it. Use 'lsusb' to verify. 

>What monitoring software does the best job of monitoring and shutting down the server?
>Can it be configured to send me an email just before shutting down the server?
Look at www.apcupsd.com or www.networkupstools.org. The package in
Debian (and thus Ubuntu) is reasonably up-to-date right now.

Next time you should also check TLDP (www.tldp.org) to find "The UPS

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