[SATLUG] Affordable raid1 enclosure, maybe nas

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 17:00:18 CST 2009

John Pappas wrote:
> Define affordable, but it seems that you want the RAID to be done in the box
> (rather than the host) which would require the RAID logic to be built into
> the enclosure, and then one host port (USB or eSATA).
> There is the drobo which many like, as well as single USB/eSATA enclosures.
> I have used Promise in the past, but the non-windows driver type enclosures
> tend to be more $$ (that addition of a USB/eSATA RAID card raises the cost).
> The GigE connected NAS option is likely to cost the same, and provide more
> features.  I am currently shopping that market as well, and like the IOmega
> (EMC) ix series as well as the Synology DS series (Liking the DS409+).  They
> both provide NFS and CIFS/SAMBA, as well as the ability to add others
> (iscsi, rsync, ftp, scp) and both run embedded Linux.  The iomega is
> purchased with drives, and the synology/drobo are BYO Disks.
> As the NAS boxes only require ~45W and does not require the "host system"
> (@~+125W) to be running for clients to access the data.

For RAID, I have always recommended a HW solution even though it costs 
more.  The cost of the HW is not really significant compared to the 
value of the data.  SW RAID does work, but depends too much on the skill 
of the administrator.

As John says, a NAS is an excellent solution because it removes the 
dependence on a separate system and makes it easy for multiple systems 
to access the data.

I can't comment about the devices John mentions because I don't have any 
personal experience with them, but they sound like a good starting point.

   -- Bruce

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