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I'll throw my .02c for Wordpress. There's a user role manager plugin that will allow you to define access groups for users (Subscribers v. Admins, v. Editors, etc...)

I use Wordpress on my two world-facing sites and have not had a problem with either.  Word of advise: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP! In the event something dies you can roll back.

Alsom with any CMS, don't go plugin crazy. This alone wrecks a good 3/4 of the sites I deal with daily.  Do your research before adding themes and plugins and make sure you can recover if something bad happens.

Don't know about Joomla, but Wordpress plugins are dynamicly loaded as long as the plugin file is within wp-content/plugins.  If your site whitescreens, start off my moving plugins to plugins.old and see if it comes back.

Good luck!


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Todd W. Bucy wrote:

It's been kinda quiet lately....

..Hmmm so I have been thinking about implementing a CMS for my website 

and I'm torn between Joomla and Wordpress.   Just searching for some 

honest and experienced opinions on which is the better system and why.




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