[SATLUG] OT: How is everyone after the storms?

Doug ftm at satx.rr.com
Sun Oct 4 13:35:01 CDT 2009

My weather alert radio announced just now that the Olmos creek was at 9.7 
feet with flood stage at 9 feet, and it is over the street at Dresden, 
Lockhill-Selma and other places
Out here by sea world we had just over 5 inches, and the forecast is for 
more all week long.

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> Todd W. Bucy wrote:
>> Cheryl Holmes wrote:
>>> We had a lot of damage and flooding in Cibolo and Schertz.  Schertz 
>>> where
>>> Mom lives, no power.  Really bad here...storms just went on and on like
>>> nothing we've ever had before.
>>> hope everyone is ok..c
>> lost power overnight on the east side. no prob the UPS tok care of
>> everything.  I love it when my tech saves my tech.
> Over just south of Helotes, we got lots and lots of lightning, and some
> very heavy rains. I don't have my rain gauge thingy hooked up, but it
> was really, really heavy. No damage or flooding afaict. But I haven't
> been out of my subdivision yet.
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