[SATLUG] Virtualization Platform (Proxmox)

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Oct 6 13:57:45 CDT 2009

Todd W. Bucy wrote:
> ok I know I told everyone in a previous post that I wasn't gonna 
> implement my VM box till December but I had had a wild hair 
> crawl...well lets just say Proxmox rules! This is so much easier then 
> trying to implement KVM on top of Ubuntu Server.
> Inside of two hours I had a bare-metal install with a virtual samba 
> server with webmin, a Wordpress server, a Mediawiki server, a Joomla 
> server, and a Drupal server.
> Admin is done from my laptop via firefox and VNC.  Minus's so far is 
> that there is no PCI passthrough so virtualizing my mythbox is out of 
> the question till I get a HDHomeRun.
> Currently I am trying to figure out how to configure my router 
> incoming network traffic is routed to the appropriate virtual server.
> IMO Proxmox is the F/OSS equivalent of VMware.
> Thanks Jaret for the recommendation.
> Todd
Hey Jaret & Todd, you guys you got me turned on to Proxmox, even tho 
learning and installing VM was down on the list but I thought man if I 
can get this going I can make the rest of what I want to do easier and 
faster. Creating the justification went well...  However.....

I have Proxmox installed to the point where i can sign in as root to 
point my browser to my IP address ..... I haven't a clue how to do 
this??  What browser?

1. Do I apt get one of Linux browsers?

2. Which one would you recommend?

3. Would you please pass me the code to enter as 'root' on Proxmox 
install CLI  to get that configuration page shown in the install video 
'' is what gets echoed to the screen.

4.  I also did not know what to use for the domain so I named it 
Velf-herb.windstream.net  (windstream is my DSL IP) Was this correct?

I can launch my browser in Ubuntu-8.04 by opening a terminal and typing 
'firefox' but entering firefox in the Proxmox CLI says no such command. 
being logged in as root I am nervous standing there giving commands.

Anyway I sure would appreciate it if you would guide me tru getting this 
install running.
thanks herb

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