[SATLUG] Virtualization Platform (Proxmox)

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue Oct 6 16:15:32 CDT 2009

Todd W. Bucy wrote:
>> Hey Jaret & Todd, you guys you got me turned on to Proxmox, even tho 
>> learning and installing VM was down on the list but I thought man if 
>> I can get this going I can make the rest of what I want to do easier 
>> and faster. Creating the justification went well...  However.....
>> I have Proxmox installed to the point where i can sign in as root to 
>> point my browser to my IP address ..... I haven't a clue how to do 
>> this??  What browser?
>> 1. Do I apt get one of Linux browsers?
>> 2. Which one would you recommend?
>> 3. Would you please pass me the code to enter as 'root' on Proxmox 
>> install CLI  to get that configuration page shown in the install 
>> video '' is what gets echoed to the screen.
>> 4.  I also did not know what to use for the domain so I named it 
>> Velf-herb.windstream.net  (windstream is my DSL IP) Was this correct?
>> I can launch my browser in Ubuntu-8.04 by opening a terminal and 
>> typing 'firefox' but entering firefox in the Proxmox CLI says no such 
>> command. being logged in as root I am nervous standing there giving 
>> commands.
>> Anyway I sure would appreciate it if you would guide me tru getting 
>> this install running.
>> thanks herb
> Herb,
> you will have to use a secnd computer that is hooked to your network.  
> open firefox and enter the ip address in the address bar 
> (  login as root and enter the password you 
> set during the install.  
Thanks Todd  but it fails to connect

> If you are familiar with Webadmin you should be able to get the feel 
> of the Proxmox setup.  

I just wish to be a user and not a programmer

> Also do your self a favor and bone up on your VLAN knowledge.  
> Understanding bridging and bonding will be very helpfull.

Can you narrow this down  google returns *402,000* for *VLAN knowledge 

Todd I am not lazy and I surely do not wish to be rude while asking for 
help but trully I am old man I don't want to learn a lot of stuff that I 
don't need to know I just want to get this set up and running I have 
read most of the Proxmox site watched several of the videos. If you are 
willing please answer the 4 questions I asked or if those are improper 
questions please tell me what to ask.
thanks herb

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